October 9, 2015

The Chromatic Scale: The Mother of all Scales

Most Western music can be traced back to the Chromatic Scale as it is the foundation of all of the scales and chords that we use. […]
October 7, 2015

Rhythm Slashes

Rhythm slashes are a shorthand way of conveying how a chord is to be strummed. The chord name is placed above the Staff and the slash marks […]
October 7, 2015


The term Syncopation refers to the technique of accenting the weak beats in the rhythm. This can add rhythmic tension or create a groove. There are […]
October 7, 2015

The Swing Feel

[ padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Are you a swinger baby? Do you swing? The term Swing refers to the musical technique of playing eighth notes unevenly, […]
October 7, 2015

Rhythmic Ties

[ padding=”0 20px 0 20px”]A rhythmic tie or just “tie” is a curved line connecting two notes. This indicates that the duration of the two notes […]
October 6, 2015

Measures & Time Signatures

[] A measure or Bar is a segment of time broken into a certain number of beats. The value of beats in each measure is defined […]
October 6, 2015

Musical Beat & Tempo

[ padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] All music has a pulse.We usually call it the beat, and it is what keeps a piece of music moving along […]
September 22, 2015

Diatonic Chords on the Bottom Strings

[ padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Diatonic chords are a family of chords all created from the same scale. The scale is organized into groups of three […]
September 22, 2015

What are Chord Inversions?

[ padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Not all chords are played with the root note as the Bass or lowest sounding note. Using other chord tones in […]