Diatonic Chords on the Bottom Strings

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September 22, 2015
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October 6, 2015

Diatonic Chords on the Bottom Strings


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Diatonic chords are a family of chords all created from the same scale.

The scale is organized into groups of three (triads) or four (seventh chords) using the technique of skipping every other note.

A great way to play these chords on the guitar is to use chord voicings that only use the bottom three strings.

These voicings are higher in the register and are easily heard above the booming of the bass and drums. They are also a great way to add another level to a chord progression when playing with a guitarist who is using voicings lower in the register (open chords).

Let’s check out the diatonic chords from the key of E major as they are played on the bottom three strings.

Diatonic Chords on the Bottom Strings

Diatonic Chords on the Bottom Strings Live Tab

Download the PDF or GuitarPro files

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