May 29, 2014

20 Chords Every Guitarist Should Know

Here are some chords every guitarist should know. Open Chords are played within the first few frets on the guitar and include notes on strings that […]
May 29, 2014

Chord Progressions in a Major Key

[lollum_dropcap]I[/lollum_dropcap]t can get a little confusing trying to remember which chord typically follows another when writing diatonicly in a major key so I use the diagram below […]
May 29, 2014

The Most Common Chord Progressions

[lollum_dropcap]T[/lollum_dropcap]he number of chord progressions you can create is virtually endless. However, there are certain ones that keep popping up over and over. That’s because they sound […]
May 29, 2014

Chord Progressions in a Minor Key

[lollum_dropcap]T[/lollum_dropcap]he map for Chord Progressions in a Minor Key is almost the same as the one for major keys except for the fact that we add an extra tonic chord, […]