Three Note Per String Pentatonics

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June 4, 2014
The Pentatonic Super Highway
June 4, 2014

Three Note Per String Pentatonics


If you’ve been playing guitar for a while you know about “The Box” and being stuck inside it.

For those of you that don’t know, “The Box” refers to the MinorPentatonic shape that is the first scale nearly every guitarist learns.

As far as scales go the Minor Pentatonic is a useful one. It sounds great used in many different styles of music and lends itself nicely to playing blues solos.

However many players get stuck there and can’t navigate away from that shape when improvising.

One way to break free from the box is to look to the other four shape on the pentatonic scale.

An interesting way to do this is by combining two of these shapes together. This can be done with any two pentatonic shapes that appear next to one another. For this lesson we’ll be combining the first two shapes.

This technique requires some pretty wide stretches if you’re not used to it you could hurt yourself, so take it slow and you’ll get it over time.

There Note Per String E Minor/G Major Pentatonic

A good way to finger these exercises is by using your first finger (index) on the 12th fret and your fourth finger (pinky) on the 16th & 17th fret. On the middle notes switch between your second and third fingers.


Three Note Pentatonic Exercise 1


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Three Note Pentatonic Exercise 2


Download the PDF file here

Download the GuitarPro file here

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